About us

Federation for World Academics


Federation for World Academics (FWA) is a unique concept to bring all academicians world over to share their knowledge and experience for their personal excellence and also to contribute benefits to humanity at large. It is a non profit, non political registered body of Section -8 of the Companies Act 2013 and Rules 18 the Companies (Incorporation) Rules by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

It forms a strong group amongst academicians to interact on professional sphere and to dispense their vast experience based knowledge for new generation to enrich their strength. It aims to spread the light of knowledge that can illuminate the path for new generation to travel towards their destination with confidence. No doubt, their guidance can motivate and encourage young generation.

To create a vast data base of research out comes through a unique website that can provide not only information but also encouragement for pursuing research in multi disciplines. The young generation will be inspired to undertake innovative research activities which can bring out new concepts and techniques to resolve emerging problems. Also, can link post research out comes for cross breed ideas in order to explore new horizon of research scope.

It provides smooth on line communication for flow of ideas and encourage higher level of mental agility necessary for exploring multi activity research areas. This can also enable realization of higher level of human endeavours.

The federation provides platform at regular intervals for members to meet and deliberate upon their experience and ideas. Time to come, such platforms will be provided at different parts of the world through the initiative of local chapters. When every forum will generate enormous new ideas, the think tank, consisting of experts with years of experience will disseminate ideas and evolve newer programs and activities from time to time. This will include the initiatives of the local chapters for evolving striking activities that can ignite enthusiasm amongst academicians.

The federation will also involve institutes and students to build a strong foundation of mutual trust and collaboration.
In over all, the federation strives to establish a strong link of mutual partnership in academic world to open new opportunities for development.
The education systems, world over, can adopt methods of proven practices infused with new ideas to make the system more dynamic and befitting to impart knowledge embedded with values.

The federation, thus, will spread a sense of togetherness for knowledge sharing amongst world academicians which has not been realised so far.