EPSI - Educational Performance Statistics In India

A light of innovation and advancement appears in the busy world of academia, where excellence is both cherished and sought after: EPSI, an endeavor proudly launched by the Federation for World Academics (FWA). With a vision as vast as the horizons of knowledge themselves, EPSI has unfurled a tapestry of new performance statistics, illuminating the path to greatness for Indian Higher Education.

Picture this: a symphony of minds, a collaboration between the stalwarts of industry and the luminaries of academia, harmonizing their expertise to orchestrate rankings that transcend mere numbers. These rankings, akin to celestial constellations, will span across diverse domains, encapsulating the essence of achievement in fields ranging from Engineering to Journalism, from Management to Allied Health.

But what sets these rankings apart from the rest? It is the meticulous craftsmanship, the artistry woven into every parameter, guided by the deft hands of industry-academia professionals at FWA. Like master artisans shaping raw clay into fine pottery, they sculpt rankings that reflect not just performance, but the very soul of each academic institute.

From the sturdy pillars of Engineering to the visionary realms of Design and Architecture, from the compassionate touch of Medical sciences to the eloquence of Journalism, no domain shall be left unexplored. Each category, a universe unto itself, has its stars determined by parameters finely tuned to capture the nuances of excellence.

As these rankings emerge, they do not merely signify achievement; they inspire, they ignite aspirations, and they beckon forth a new era of academic pursuit. They are not just numbers on a page; they are the embodiment of dedication, passion, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

In the grand tapestry of Indian Higher Education, EPSI’s rankings stand as a testament to the boundless potential that resides within its hallowed halls. With each stroke of brilliance, with each milestone achieved, they paint a picture of a future where excellence knows no bounds, and academia reigns supreme.

EPSI Ranking Parameters :

EPSI Ranking is based on the seven parameters as mentioned below.

1. Academic Reputation :

In the intricate tapestry of academic excellence, EPSI's ranking parameters serve as the vibrant threads that weave together the essence of higher education. Like a masterful composition, each element contributes to the symphony of academic reputation, resonating with innovation, diversity, and quality.

Faculty Student Ratio

The faculty-student ratio forms the backbone of this symphony, ensuring a harmonious learning environment where each student's journey is nurtured with care and attention. Alongside, the presence of doctoral students signifies a commitment to pioneering research and intellectual exploration, enriching the academic landscape with fresh perspectives and groundbreaking discoveries.

Doctoral Students Enrolled

At the heart of academic distinction lies the cadre of permanent Ph.D. faculty, whose expertise and mentorship shape the minds of future leaders and innovators. Their dedication fuels the pursuit of knowledge, propelling academia ever forward.

Number of Permanent Ph.D Faculty

These are the pillars of wisdom, the guiding lights who shepherd aspiring scholars through the labyrinth of academia. With their wealth of expertise and unwavering dedication, they nurture the next generation of thinkers, imparting not just knowledge but the wisdom garnered from years of scholarly pursuit.

Professional Practice Integration (PoP Opportunities)

But education transcends the confines of the classroom; it intertwines with real-world practice through professional practice integration opportunities. Here, theory converges with application, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Sustainable Education

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, EPSI's rankings recognize the importance of sustainable education, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society among students and faculty alike.

International Student Ratio

Diversity is celebrated through the presence of international students and faculty, enriching the academic discourse with a multitude of perspectives and experiences. This global exchange of ideas cultivates a rich learning environment, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world.

International Faculty Ratio

In the global village of academia, borders dissolve, and knowledge transcends geographical constraints. International faculty members bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences, enriching the academic discourse and imparting a truly global perspective to students, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

Teaching Infrastructure

Teaching infrastructure serves as the canvas upon which the art of education is painted, providing students with the tools and environment necessary for growth and discovery. State-of-the-art facilities and modern technology enhance the learning experience, empowering students to reach their full potential.

Teaching Infrastructure

Teaching infrastructure serves as the canvas upon which the art of education is painted, providing students with the tools and environment necessary for growth and discovery. State-of-the-art facilities and modern technology enhance the learning experience, empowering students to reach their full potential.

2. Graduate Outcomes and Employability :

In the realm of graduate outcomes and employability, the landscape is defined by achievements that extend for beyond the confines of academia. Here, success is measured not just by degrees earned, but also by the impact graduates have on the world.

Placements Statistics

Placement statistics serve as the compass guiding students towards promising career paths, showcasing the effectiveness of educational programs in bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

Entrepreneurship Outcomes

Entrepreneurship outcomes embody the spirit of innovation and enterprise, highlighting the ability of graduates to carve their own paths and shape the future through bold ventures and groundbreaking initiatives.

Partnership Project with Industry

Partnership Project with Industry refers to collaborative endeavors between educational institutions and businesses or industries aimed at enhancing graduate outcomes and employability. These projects involve joint initiatives that bring together academia and industry to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, thereby preparing students for successful careers and impactful contributions to society.

Doctoral Students Graduated

The number of doctoral students who graduated represents the pinnacle of academic achievement, demonstrating the depth of expertise and the capacity for original research that propels individuals towards leadership roles and groundbreaking discoveries.

3. Quality Intakes :

Quality intakes are the lifeblood of any institution, shaping its reputation and trajectory. In essence, quality intakes are the foundation upon which academic excellence is built, shaping the future leaders, innovators, and thinkers of tomorrow with precision, diversity, and depth.

Selection Process

The selection process serves as the gateway, a meticulous sieve that sifts through a myriad of applicants to identify the brightest gems. It's a dance of merit and potential, where only the most deserving find their place.

Students’ Profile

Students' profile emerges as the focal point, revealing the unique blend of backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions that enrich the academic tapestry. Like a mosaic, each student contributes a vibrant hue, adding depth and dimension to the collective learning experience.

Stream & Experience

Streams and experiences add depth and dimension to this tapestry, offering a kaleidoscope of disciplines and perspectives. From the arts to sciences, from practical skills to theoretical knowledge, each stream contributes to the richness of the academic landscape, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience.

4. Research Outcomes :

The research outcomes form a tapestry of scholarly achievement, weaving together the threads of discovery, innovation, and impact. They represent the collective pursuit of knowledge and the relentless quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe, one breakthrough at a time.

Publications in Reputed Journals

Publications in reputed journals serve as the currency of academic credibility, showcasing the depth of knowledge and the rigor of inquiry inherent in research endeavors. Each publication is a beacon of discovery, disseminating new insights and pushing the boundaries of human understanding.

No. of Patents Filed

The number of patents filed represents the ingenuity and inventiveness of researchers, transforming novel ideas into tangible assets with the potential to revolutionize industries and improve lives. These filings signify not just innovation but also a commitment to protecting intellectual property and fostering economic growth.

No. of Patents Granted

Patents granted are the fruits of labor, symbolizing the culmination of rigorous research, meticulous documentation, and legal validation. Each granted patent is a testament to the creativity and perseverance of researchers, securing their rightful place in the annals of innovation.

Grants Received from Govt. & Industry for Research

Grants received from government and industry partners serve as the lifeblood of research, fueling ambitious projects and enabling exploration into uncharted territories. These grants signify not just financial support but also recognition of the importance of the research endeavor in addressing pressing societal challenges and driving progress.

5. Wellbeing :

The elements form the foundation of a vibrant ecosystem, where people and nature coexist in harmony, nurturing growth, and fostering a culture of wellbeing that transcends boundaries and enriches lives.

Employees Happiness

Employee happiness is the cornerstone of a thriving community, where passion meets purpose and camaraderie flourishes. Like a symphony, their contentment creates harmonies that reverberate through corridors and offices, fostering creativity, productivity, and a sense of belonging.

Green Campus

A green campus is more than just lush foliage; it's a sanctuary where nature and nurture intertwine. Here, the rustle of leaves accompanies the rhythm of footsteps, offering respite from the urban hustle and a breath of fresh air for weary minds. It's a testament to the institution's commitment to sustainability, health, and holistic wellbeing.

6. Employers’ Reputation & International Outlook :

In the dynamic landscape of employment, an institution's reputation precedes its graduates, and its international outlook opens doors to global opportunities.

Employers' reputation is the gold standard of recognition, a testament to an institution's commitment to producing top-tier graduates who are sought after by industry leaders worldwide. Like a trusted brand, it symbolizes quality, reliability, and excellence in education.

International outlook is the window to the world, where borders dissolve, and cultures converge. It's a reflection of an institution's global mindset, fostering diversity, cross-cultural exchange, and collaboration on a global scale. Here, students are not just learners but global citizens, equipped with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in an interconnected world.

Together, employers' reputation and international outlook form a dynamic duo, propelling institutions towards global recognition and empowering graduates to make their mark on the world stage.

7. Peer Perception & Alumni Feedback :

In the world of academia, peer perception and alumni feedback are the twin pillars upon which reputations are built and legacies are forged.

Peer perception is the collective wisdom of the scholarly community, a reflection of how an institution is regarded by its peers and colleagues. Like a mirror, it reflects the esteem and respect garnered through academic excellence, groundbreaking research, and contributions to the advancement of knowledge.

Alumni feedback, on the other hand, is the echo of experience, the voice of those who have walked the halls and forged their paths beyond. Their insights, gleaned from real-world challenges and triumphs, offer invaluable perspectives on the quality of education, the relevance of programs, and the impact of their alma mater on their personal and professional lives.

Together, peer perception and alumni feedback form a dynamic feedback loop, shaping institutional identity and driving continuous improvement. They are the compass guiding institutions towards excellence, ensuring that they remain responsive to the evolving needs of students, employers, and society at large.

Ranking Categories :

As the academic year 2024-25 unfolds, a beacon of change illuminates the landscape of education. The EPSI Ranking, poised to revolutionize perceptions and celebrate the trailblazers of academia.

In a bold move, EPSI (Educational Performance Statistics in India) unveils its prestigious ranking for 2024, focusing sharply on Universities, Management and Engineering. But this is not an ordinary ranking, as it’s a celebration of innovation, a tribute to the daring souls who push the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

In the spotlight of the ranking are pioneering and recently established academic institutions, each having successfully navigated through a minimum of five academic years, with a profound emphasis on innovation.

1 CLUB- 100 : Multi-disciplinary Universities 2024 (Govt. & Pvt.)
2 CLUB- 100 : Business Masters Union 2024 (Govt. & Pvt.)
3 CLUB- 100 : Leaders for Emerging Technology Education (Govt. & Pvt.)
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