Industry Academia Interaction

Industry Academia Interaction

The coordination between Industry and Academia is the innovative way to catalyze the growth of society and accelerate innovation in technology. Industry and Academia are the two sides of a coin. Yes, both are independent! Though, dependent on each other. 

Industry focuses on finding the solutions that bring commercial value. And, on the other hand, Academia focuses on building a knowledge base among students via research and development. The best combination of Industry and Academia have the potential to yield national development via breakthroughs. 

In the era of digitalization, Academia is creating gems of talent. The Young tech-savvy generation is ready to enter the learning field like AI and Big Data and can face challenges in other competitive sectors. The Industry is giving the biggest opportunity to work-ready talent with practical training, internships, and specialist knowledge. Both Industry and Academia are preparing the talents to work on technologies and solve challenging problems. 

 Industry and Academia are interrelated! Academia serves the Industry with nourished talent. And Industry polish this talent with new skills, creative approach. 

 Industry and Academia are the backbones of our economy!

A robust collaboration of both can do well for developing the economy, promotes growth in the education system, produces a talented workforce, and fosters innovation. To build India a global innovation house, Educational institutes and entrepreneurs have to recognize the million-dollar opportunity and build a constructive framework that creates wonders. So are you one of the entrepreneur or an educational institute who wants to collaborate with each other  under one roof? If yes, be a part of FWA.