Research Area

Research Area

FWA ( Federation for World Academics) is an innovative concept to bring worldwide renowned Academicians under one roof. The FWA believes Research is the key to success. Our gem of experts is proficient in conducting research i.e Academic Research and Social Research based on creative approach and innovative thinking.

Academic-Research: FWA experts are specialized and hold an appropriate Ph.D. degree in the respective field. The experts with their educational experience guide students, provide instructions, and troubleshoot the problems in research work. 

Innovative-Curriculum: Curriculum designing is a challenging task for universities! Here, FWA experts with their unique competencies design a knowledgeable and innovative Curriculum that is student-focussed. The Curriculum is based on teachers’ capabilities to teach and students’ capabilities to understand the lesson. 

Pedagogy: FWA Experts assist professionals in learning art and science teaching with out-of-the-box educational methods.

Social Research: FWA experts/academicians engaged in doing social activities! By organizing events, webinars, and meetings, the experts are guiding professionals and other industry members, students about the changes we can introduce in the academics and Industry for the betterment of Youths. This initiative will inspire thousands of youths and, they will showcase their active participation with FWA.